How do I rent a unit?

Give us a call or email we can provide pictures and any information about the unit required via. Then arrange an appointment to meet you at the facility where we will show you the storage units and the other facilities available to our customers. If wish to go ahead and take the unit we will require you to show us photo id (passport or drivers licence) and a credit or debit card which payment can be made on. You can either choose to move in straight away or start the contract at a later date.

What do I need to bring when renting a storage unit at Standby?

A credit or debit card (that can be used for the recurring payment each month).
Passport or driving licence.
A good strong Padlock, we do also sell good quality padlocks at Horsham, Molesey and Croydon if need be.

What About Condensation? 

If the container is kept dry inside there will be no condensation as we have ventilation in all of our units. If however somone brings a wet or waterlogged item into the unit there will be condensation issues as this water is trapped in the unit. Please ensure all your items are dry before going into storage.

What notice do I need to give to move out my storage unit?

We require 14 days notice before you vacate the unit. If you do not do this you will be charged for this time.

What happens if i need more or less space?

No problem, you can transfer to a diffrent size unit at anytime providing the size you need is available.

Is there somewhere at the facility where I can put my rubbish?

sorry no, we do not supply rubbish bins or skips to customer. We do have a small litter bin in each our facilities this is strictly only for general rubbish such as, Drink cans or bottles. sandwich wrappers ect.

Do you do removals?

No but we can provide you with contacts depending on how much stuff needs moving and how far it needs to be taken.

Can I use one of your storage unit to store tyres?

No sorry, strictly no tyres, asbestos or perishable goods.


How long can I rent for?

You are welcome to store with us for as long as you like. We do accept payment of up to 1 year upfront with discounts offered, subject to our terms and conditions. Our minimum rental period is one month.


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