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Save Space, Store Safe: Stow Your Belongings in Packing Boxes

                          BOXES AND PACKING MATERIALS AVAILABLE What’s so great about our Molesey, Aylesbury, and Horsham branches? Well, we have packing supplies and packing boxes available there!  Wait, Should I Buy Packing Boxes? Whether you want to just declutter and store your items in self-storage […]

A Full-Scale Guide On The Basics of Storing In A Self-Storage Facility

The need to use a self-storage facility has arisen from a variety of business to personal reasons like needing a safe place to store equipment, storing business merchandise, relocating to a new house, or simply lacking enough space in the homes. Indeed, a self-storage unit can stock a mixture of items from segment to segment. […]

5 Factors that Affect Self Storage Prices

Why do self-storage prices differ so much? Quite often customers will ask this question. Especially if they are new to self-storage. This can be dependent on a number of factors.     5 Factors that Affect Self Storage Prices Location – The Location of a Self Storage facility is a massive factor for the overheads […]

Eco Friendly Self Storage

Doing Our Part for the Planet   Eco-Friendly Self Storage We may be a small independent business, but we at Standby Self Storage have one eye on the environment. Working had to be as eco-friendly as possible, with substantial choices and utilising available resources.    Things we do to ensure we are as eco-friendly as […]

How to Effectively Organise your Self-Storage Container

  Getting Started The more organised your storage container means more space for your belongings. It also gives ease of access to locate stored things. Here are 5 simple steps on how to effectively organise your self-storage container.     Step 1: Use Clear Heavy Duty Containers Protect your belongings from moisture, dirt and fabric-damaging […]

Storing your Motorcycle at Standby Self-Storage

  Storing your Motorcycle at Standby Self-Storage Are you working overseas? Is going on a vacation for a few months? Or living in an area where the weather isn’t always perfect for riding? No worries! Standby Self-Storage is the answer to your Motorcycle storage needs. A self-storage unit to store your motorcycle is a great […]

Mail Boxes Available at Standby Self-Storage Molesey Facility

First of all, why burden yourself with missed deliveries, oversized mails, and unprotected packages? When you can enjoy the convenience of post boxes rental services. Because here at Standby Self-Storage Molesey facility, we take care of you and your mail! Perks of renting Mail Boxes at our facility:  Keep your home address private.  Get mail […]

Standby Self-Storage Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Standby Self-Storage Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Aylesbury is located just north of the Chiltern Hills, Buckinghamshire, in the rich agricultural area known as the Vale of Aylesbury. If you happen to have a business in the area, or you simply need extra space to store your valuables, then our Aylesbury Facility is the best choice for you, […]

Standby Self-Storage is Expanding!

  WE ARE  E  X  P  A  N  D  I  N  G! 2 New Locations, Now Ready to serve you! Worthing, West Sussex and Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Standby Self-Storage Ltd Low-Cost Storage Solution. Our team have over 50 years of experience in letting storage units around West Sussex and Surrey.  Standby will be celebrating its 9th […]