About Us

We first founded Standby Self Storage Ltd in August 2008. before this we look round lots of different facilities, Some local to us, some in other parts of the country and even one the other side of the world. What we realised is that a lot of these facilities missed out on customers as they didn’t have ‘drive up access’ enabling easy loading and unloading of good, ‘24 hour access’ allowing customers to store their goods when they have not just when the store is open and offering ‘clean dry and secure units’ giving them the most essential thing of all peace of mind.

The name Standby was chosen based on the electronic appliance function, which allows consumers to turn the appliance off but keep it ready to use at any given moment.

The foundations of Standby self storage are based on this rule, giving customers secure 24 hour access to their storage unit 7 days a week and allowing customers to rent units any time of day.


The Team:

John James Ford


Michael Walker


John Nicolas Ford


Kathy Davis


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