Rental Payments

Answer: Our rental payment system uses automated token payment, not Direct Debit  This means: We can except either debit or credit card to take your monthly payment For payment to be set up we need your 16-digit card number and expiry date Once this is set up, payments can be taken monthly automatically with a receipt […]

Signing Our Rental Agreement / Terms and Conditions

Answer: Our rental agreement / terms and conditions are signed using an e-sign document. Once the move-in has been processed either online, by phone or on site, you will receive an email with your unit details and a link to the e-sign document. You can use this to review the terms and sign the agreement […]

Parking On Site

Answer: Parking is permitted whilst attending the storage Units to load or unload.   NB We do not allow overnight parking at any of our Standby sites.  A charge will be made for any authorised parking of vehicles overnight as per our terms and conditions

Can I Share The Storage Unit With Someone Else?

Answer: Our Terms and Conditions specify, the named customer must have ownership of the good/contents of the storage unit. You can allow a person(s) permission to access your unit on your behalf however, please bear in mind that you, as the customer, are responsible for who you give your access code to. Check out our […]

Giving Notice On My Storage Unit

We require 14 days’ notice before you vacate the Unit.  Please be aware that if you do not give us this the prior 14-day Notice as per our Terms & Conditions, then this will be added to your last rental payment.  This may involve a further month’s payment being required and then a refund of any unused days will be issued, […]