Calor Gas Sales In Molesey

We sell a range of different caller gas bottles at our West Molesey facility. Whether your looking of BBQ patio gas for a hot summers day or a bottle of propane for a cold winters day we are on hand to help.

Refill Price List

Calor Gas 13KG PROPANE GREEN £35.00
Calor gas West Molesey BBQ

Usually Used for BBQ’s or Patio Heaters.

Calor Gas 13KG PROPANE REFILL £35.00
Propane Calor Gas West Molesey

Usually used for roofers touch or gas heaters.

Calor Gas 15KG BUTANE REFILL £38.00
Calor Gas butane in West Molesey

Usually used for Gas BBQ’s.

Calor Gas 18KG FORKLIFT REFILL £40.00
Calor Gas Forklift Gas Molesey

Designed for use on Gas Forklifts.

Calor Gas 19KG PROPANE REFILL £40.00
Calor Gas Propane Gas Molesey

Usually used for roofers blow lamps or for gas heaters.

Calor Gas 5KG PROPANE GREEN £23.00
Calor Gas Green Patio Gas Molesey

Usually used for Smaller Gas BBQ’s.

Calor Gas 7KG BUTANE REFILL £23.00
Calor Gas Butane Molesey

Usually used for a small gas BBQ’s

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